Women in film

In 2017 I tried to support women in the film industry in my humble way of reducing the prices if the Director or the DoP were female. It ended up in more than €10.000 in reduced fees. But in the big picture, that’s nothing. More has to be done.

2017 I did totally 71 jobs. From big 20 days grade TV-series to small music videos with zero budget. I did commercials, bumpers, pilots, documentaries, short film, art film, feature films, trailers and horror films.

I did some statistics that I found it interesting. Even if everyone, now and then, do low budget or no budget projects, everythings even out, right? My graphs shows the opposite. Women end up as a double loser here. Not even are they underrepresented, they also have less budgets for their projects.

I’m not a statistician and this might not be a 100%  accurate. But I think it shows a pattern.
Here’s a breakup, both in the amount of male and female Directors and DoPs. But also how much each group generated in money.
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So, this is how I did.
I divided my fee on every job in two. Thinking the Director and Dop contributing equally. I then just did the math. In some productions there was hard to tell who is who. This goes for animated films, stockshot based films and archive material. That’s the “Unknown” category.
For this to be easy to compare between people vs. budget I have used percentage in all my graphs.

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